Hi everybody it is now time to renew your membership for 2021.

The fees remain the same as last year ie: £8 membership, £31 pass, and £11 for a new key, £6 to renew a key. Don`t forget to return your old key.

This has not been a good year for you all to enjoy your riding so with this in mind for those who renewed their membership etc in 2020 the committee has decided that your fees will be £20 ie: membership £4, Pass £11, exchange key £5, if you are returning your old key. The colour of the 2021 pass will be Blue and those not displaying a Blue pass by the end of February will be asked to leave the area.

The gate lock will be off during January (Government rules allowing)to allow you to renew your key. It will be changed to the new lock on 1st February.

Also please make sure that you put enough postage on your envelope and you use a strong envelope. Some of the return envelopes this year did not make it to their destination owing to them being wrecked by the Post office machinery.

When renewing your membership if you are going to ride in any trials do not forget to ask for a unique number to renew your ACU affiliation.

If you are a first time rider you will need to send a passport size photo along with your affiliation form to ACU Rugby. The price is £12 per year. The application form can be down loaded from the ACU web site.

The club membership remains strong and some of the riders who don`t usually ride trials had a go at the sections at Charltons put on by Richard and Clive. To those who did ride these sections keep it up and try Richards Thursday night series or our Saturday Night trials. Remember you only have to finish in three of the four Thursday night or Saturday night trials to get an award.

There is a very easy route (white route) in ALL our trials so come on and have a go. You will enjoy it.

There is a one event licence form available at all our trials.

Clive our resident warden does a great job of looking after the practice area and you can help also by not dropping rubbish about the site but taking it home with you.

There is no Boxing Day trial this year.

As always here is the usual moan. Do not leave the gate open. Make sure it is locked after you have entered or left the area and do not allow any one in who is not a member.
Our new web site is up and running and any announcements, changes etc will be communicated there. So keep looking. The site domain name is

This year has not been a great year for any of us with all the government restrictions but hopefully we can get back to something like NORMAL very soon. We hope to run a full calendar of events but that will depend on the Government and ACU guidelines.

Enjoy yourselves and Merry Christmas.
Bill and all the committee.


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