*********************************** IMPORTANT *********************************** Memberships and practice passes can no longer be obtained through Andy Metcalfe Motor Cycles or by visiting Bill Filers address in Guisborough please read and the information below to on how to become a member of our club.

Please send all membership enquiries to the membership secretary via the email below:

Note: Membership forms are no longer posted out to existing members, please use the link below to obtain your membership form.

Download Membership Form Here: Membership Form

Practice Facility Rules, Download Here: Rules

Club Membership Applications Only (New & Renewals)

To become a member of Guisborough & District Motor Cycle Club please complete the membership form and post to the clubs PO Box address. (please see process below for obtaining a practice pass)

Practice Pass & Gate Key Applications:

If you were not a practice pass holder in 2021 you are required to attend a membership meeting to obtain a practice pass, see below for details.

To use the practice facility you have to be a club member and hold a current practice pass, you will also need a key for the gate. Practice passes are for the individual person and not the bike, so if two people share the use of a bike they will need a club membership and practice pass each. Note: members of the same family / friends group can share a key if they wish.

New applicants (This is anyone who didn’t have a 2021 practice pass) applying for a practice pass MUST attend a membership meeting held on the first Wednesday of each month, 7pm at Guisborough Cricket Club. For youth applications a parent / legal guardian must attend. the meeting will start at 7pm prompt, any late arrivals will be asked to come to the next meeting.

When you attend the meeting, you must bring the following with you: completed application form, passport photo, payment (if paying in cash please bring the correct change) and an A5 self addressed envelope with a large letter stamp on.

Existing 2021 applicants looking to renew their practice pass are NOT required to attend the membership meeting but must complete the membership form and post to the clubs PO Box address.

Note: The practice area is closed for practice when we are using the venue for an event, this is approximately 10 times per year.

Photo ID’s

Photo ID’s will be on all practice passes. these must be up-to-date passport type photos (The ones you get done in the photo booth) photos which do not meet this criteria will result in your application been returned to you.

Gate Keys:

When applying for practice pass renewals please return previous years key, we keep a database to track keys and failure to return previously distributed keys will result in your new application been delayed as we will have to contact you to return your key. when returning keys please attach to the membership form as they have a habit of getting lost in the post. Note: if you require your 2021 key for access for the remainder of December we suggest you wait until January to renew your practice pass, the gate will be unlocked by our wardens on weekends throughout January so you will have access while you are waiting for your new key.

2022 Membership Fees:

Adult Membership (16+) £8.00
Youth Membership (under 16s) £6.00
Practice Pass£31.00
Practice Pass (Applications from 1st August onwards)£16.00
New Gate Key£11.00
Gate Key Exchange£6.00


Payment types accepted are cash, cheque, postal order or bankers draft. Any cash sent in the post is done so at the members risk. (Note we do not accept Bank Transfer or PayPal, meeting in a layby etc)

ACU Unique Pin Codes:

This code is required to obtain your trials registration / license from the ACU, please request this using the club membership form.

Please allow 7 working days for applications to be processed