Results & Regs

27th May 2023Provisional Results Summer Series Round 2Download Results
7th MayHull Auto, Lockton Trial Provisional ResultsDownload Results
4th May 2023Provisional Results Easy Trial 2Download Results
22nd April 2023Provisional Results Summer Series Round 1Download Results
13th April 2023Provisional Results Easy Trial 1Download Results
26th March 2023Bob Atkinson Trial ResultsDownload Results
18th March 2023Mark Jewell Trial Provisional ResultsDownload Results
12th February 2023Charltons Trial Provisional ResultsDownload Results
22nd January 2023Allan Fothergill Trial, Aislaby Quarry
Provisional Results
Download Results
26th December 2022Boxing Day Fancy Dress Trial
Provisional Results
Download Results
11th September 2022Hull Auto Club, Piethorn Farm ResultsDownload Results
27th August 2022Northallerton 2 Day Pre 65 & Twinshock ResultsDownload Results
14th August 2022Provisional Results Aislaby Quarry, EYC Adult, Adult Clubman & Twinshock ChampionshipDownload Results
4th August 2022Provisional Results Easy Trial 5Download Results
24th July 2022Hull Auto, Rosedale ResultsDownload Results
23rd July 2022Provisional Results Summer Series Round 3Download Results
24th July 2022Hull Auto Trial Regs, RosedaleDownload Regs
30th June 2022Provisional Results Easy TrialDownload Results
12th June 2022Dales Trophy Trial Provisional ResultsDownload Results
5th June 2022Hull Auto, Farndale ResultsDownload Results
3rd June 2022Northallerton Trial ResultsDownload Results
2nd June 2022Provisional Results Easy Trial Round 3Download Results
28th May 2022Provisional Results Summer Series Round 2Download Results
5th May 2022Provisional Results Easy Trial Round 2Download Resulrs
23rd April 2022Provisional Results Summer Series Round 1Download Results
14th April 2022Provisional Results Easy Trial Round 1Download Results
8th May 2022Hull Auto Trial Regs, LocktonDownload Regs
27th March 2022Westerdale Side Trial, Provisional ResultsDownload Results
13th February 2022Charltons EYC Youth Championship Trial
Provisional Results
Download Results
6th February 2022Northallerton
Chequers Results
Download Results
23rd January 2022Aislaby ResultsDownload Results
26th December 2021Boxing Day Trial, Provisional ResultsDownload Results
31st October 2021Northallerton
Silton Forest Trial
Download Results
2nd September 2021Easy Trial Series Round 6 Provisional resultsDownload Results
21st August 2021Belle Trailers British Ladies & Girls Trials Championship ResultsDownload Results
5th August 2021Easy Trial Series Round 5 Provisional ResultsDownload Results
24th July 2021Last Round Summer Series Provisional ResultsDownload Results
1st July 2021Easy Trial Series Round 4 Provisional ResultsDownload Results
27th June 2021Hull Auto Club Provisional ResultsDownload Results
26th June 2021Low Gill Beck Trial Provisional ResultsDownload Results
13th June 2021Dales Trophy Provisional ResultsDownload Results
3rd June 2021Easy Trial Series Round 3 Provisional ResultsDownload Results
29th May 2021Summer Series Round 3 Results (Amended)
Download Results
8th May 2021Summer Series Round 2 Provisional Results
Rigg Hall Farm
Download Results
6th May 2021Easy Trial Series Round 2 Provisional ResultsDownload Results
24th April 2021Summer Series Round 1 Provisional Results
Fryup Cycle Hub
Download Results
15th April 2021Easy Trial Series Round 1
Download Results
16th February 2020Charltons 16-02-2020Download Results
26th January 2020Allan Fothergill Trial AmendedDownload Results
26th December 2019Boxing Day TrailDownload Results
23rd December 2019Northallerton Provisional Results for 22/12/19Download Results
16th December 2019Hull Auto TrialDownload Resuts
6th December 2019Ben Fund Letter
Some of our riders who have won awards do not take their awards but instead donate the cash equivalent to the ACU Ben Fund which helps riders or their family’s in time of hardship or distress. This year they donated £485.00.
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