Chairman’s and Secretary`s reports

This year has not been a good year for the club or our sport because of the Coronavirus Pandemic. We started the year running as normal but if February the Covid-19 virus struck and in March we were in lockdown. This meant that All our trials were cancelled and we had to close down our practice area at Charltons. However we carried on with the business of the club though we were not taking anymore memberships because of the closure. At first we operated without any committee meetings because of the numbers rule then we were allowed more so we started having meetings in the open at Charltons, weather permitting of course. These had to be curtailed when the six rule came into force, and we may have to close down Charltons again. We started to accept memberships again on 1st August 2020 and our membership is good mainly due to the practice area. Our annual prize award night has had to be cancelled because of not running all our trials. We did however run three trials including Boxing Day 2019. So those who have awards to come will be contacted and arrangements made for trophies etc to be handed out/collected. The new web site is now fully up and running. Some of us have still being working behind the scenes for the club and we have arranged to have the road down to the car park where it is always getting washed away, concreted. Hopefully this will be a great improvement especially for the lowered van brigade. We have also arranged for more fencing along the beck side to make it safer. Our AGM has had to be cancelled so here are some of my proposals for 2021. 1, The fees stay the same as last year for 2021, 2,Those members who joined before lockdown took effect (up to 31st march 2020) should be allowed to rejoin for 2021 at half the fee £25 for membership ,pass and key. 3, The reigning committee members carry on enbloc if they are willing to do so. 4, All our dates should once again be booked for 2021 including a Ladies and Girls Championship round. 5, We carry on with our Farmers and Landowners supper in March if restrictions allow. Although it has been a bad year and we have spent a bit of money we are still in a good position both financially and member wise and I hope we can get back to some sort of normality soon and able to resume our sport in 2021. I thank Hannah and Sheila for their help and support especially over this crisis. We are still without a trials secretary but I must say a big THANK YOU to those who have stepped up and deputised for trials secretary and Richard for publishing the results on the web site. Until we can resume keep safe Bill chairman.

Secretarys Report 2020 This year has seen unprecedented times for our sport, club and members. The club planned to run our usual calendar of trials and social events with the addition of a Thursday Night Easy trial series and a ladies & Girls BTC. Due to the imposed national lockdown the club only managed to run a few events, one of which was the land owners dinner, this year seeing fewer attend. However the event was enjoyed by all. Unfortunately due to running a small number of events we are not in a position to hold our annual prize presentation. The practice area was closed for a period of time, the controlled reopening was managed via an email booking in process which allowed for a safe and controlled reopening and provided the data which the committee used to decide when it was no longer required. The lockdown restrictions have resulted in the committee only managing to hold two meetings since March. Looking forward we may look at what options/technology is available to aid us to have our monthly meetings as current restrictions could be in place for 6 months or more. Its great to see the club investing in a new modern website and the practice area with the new road and additional fencing. We should look to continue this as time and funds allow as this is appreciated by our practice pass members. The club is still without a trials secretary which is an essential role we need filling to run our trials. This is currently being covered on a trial by trial basis. I remain very optimistic about the clubs future and look forward to what the future holds. I would like to thank all who have helped me this year for which I am very grateful. kind regards Hannah Arbon general Secretary.

CHARLTONS PRACTICE AREA. Please note that the Practice Area will be CLOSED from Monday 5th October through the weekend of the 11th and 12th of October and it will reopen for practice on the 15th October. This is to allow for remedial work to be carried out.

PRIZE PRESENTATION As we have not being able to run our trials due to the Covid-19 pandemic we will not be hosting our annual prize presentation this year. Those of you who have awards to come from the trials we did run before lockdown will be contacted later to arrange the collection of your awards.

Further opening of Charltons.

At the committee meeting tonight 16th July it was decided that because everything had gone ok at the weekends opening and everybody had behaved in a responsible manner we would be able to dispense with the booking in system after the weekend of 11th & 12th July. We will also open the practice area on Thursday nights again starting on Thursday 16th July at 4 pm. Do not arrive before this time. Committee people will be in attendance to make sure that social distancing is adhered to. Do not bring any spectators, make sure you have your pass and take any litter home to be disposed of there. Thanks and keep safe Bill.

We reopened the practice area at Charltons on Saturday 4th July and it went really well . I would just like to say THANK YOU to Hannah and Richard for overseeing the booking in system that we operated and a special THANK YOU to ALL the riders who booked in and kept to the social distancing rules and parking arrangements. Hopefully these restrictions will not be for long and we will be able to get back to normal opening hours.

Also THANK YOU to ALL the committee people who volunteered their time to man the gate, mark out and generally oversee the reopening. BILL.


The committee of Hull Auto Club have decided not to hold any Trials until further notice, thereby safeguarding our members, observers, and landowners until the Covid infection threat is severely reduced and the Government/ACU restrictions are eased considerably.

We also feel that organising an event at our venues under present circumstances would show a lack of awareness of the concerns of local communities, which could damage the good will that we have nurtured for years and affect future land use.

Therefore, Hull Auto Club will not run any events until September at the earliest and memberships will be carried over to include 2021. When conditions allow us to safely resume events this will be publicised on our Facebook page, Trials Central, TMX News, Scarborough & DMC and Guisborough & DMC websites. Thank you for your understanding. Jim Austermuhle secretary Hull Auto Club.

Illegal Riding

This is from the ACU. We will cooperate as much as possible to stamp this out. This also applies to the National Parks and any Private Land where you do not have permission.

Despite the current lockdown, some people are choosing to flout the rules and risk the future of our sport by illegally utilising Forestry Commission land and private venues. Illegal activity on Forestry commission land is a criminal offence and puts legitimate events at risk. The ACU take a zero tolerance approach to this in partnership with the Forestry Commission, and local police. Anyone caught illegally riding on Forestry commission land can expect:

-Your bike WILL be impounded under section 59 by the Forestry Commission and Police,

-You WILL be prosecuted for a criminal act by the Police,

-You WILL be reported to the ACU/AMCA head office for a termination of your competition licence. This WILL be shared with ALL authorising bodies.

If you have any information you are encouraged to contact the Police through 101


As the Coronavirus rules have being eased we will start to accept memberships from 1st August. Please do not apply before then as it will not be processed. keep safe Bill.


The club will hold it’s AGM on the first Thursday of October every year starting at 8pm.

Easy Trial Series

This Year Guisborough and District Motorcycle club will be running an Easy Trial Series. It will consist of 5 Rounds to be held on Thursday Evenings 6pm at Charltons. Entry will Be: £10 (adults) and £5 (youths). The Trials will consist of 3 laps of 7 sections.

Routes will be:

• Easy (Equivalent to the kids conducted)

• Medium (Equivalent to White Route)

• Hard (Equivalent to Clubman B)

This series is open to everyone and is an ideal starting point for anyone looking to start competing, youths currently riding Conducted Trials and looking to ride main trials or riders currently riding white route may want to try the Hard Route. One Event ACU competition licences will be available at the trial for £3.

Event Dates:

• April 16th

• May 7th

• June 4th

• July 2nd

• August 6th

For further information call Richard 07917105274 or

Or download the pdf below:

Ilegal riding

We have a very good working relationship with our Farmers, Land Owners and the National Parks Authority. Unfortunately there are some people out there who do not adhere to the rules and ride on land where they are not supposed to be. We have assured the Farmers, Land Owners & National Parks Authority’s that we will cooperate fully with them to bring to justice anyone found to be riding illegally.